You own a business or manage a team, and you realize that they can only go as far as you do. You have questions about how you're going to grow. What is needed to grow myself and my business? Who will be my successor? What is needed to retain my top performers? How will business be sustainable?

You wonder, “I’m spending more time 'in' my business vs. working 'on' my business”. You're not sure where to start. The questions seem endless. You simply know that you want to keep moving your business forward and planning for success.

I worked in small start-ups and multi-national organizations. It doesn’t matter the size, the concerns are the same. For the business to succeed, you need to hire, groom, and retain top talent. I once thought I was the professional who would be groomed and retained. My leadership teams were too focused on the short-term goals to think about sustainability. How many good people are lost?

Are you ready to invest in your team? Yourself? Consider what your life might be if:

  • You can take a day off and the business is growing
  • You know what you need in your team to move them into new growth opportunities
  • You are confident you can move into a new position and someone on your team is ready to take over

Are you in one or more of these situations?

  • You don’t have anyone on your team ready to step up when you are out
  • You can’t move into a new position, because no one can do what you do
  • You are missing growth opportunities for your business because “you” can’t cover them all

Let’s discuss how to create a culture where you and your team will thrive.

Do you believe it will work itself out in time? Consider this, “Dissatisfaction with some employee-development efforts appears to fuel many early exits. We asked young managers what their employers do to help them grow in their jobs and what they’d like their employers to do, and found some large gaps. Workers reported that companies generally satisfy their needs for on-the-job development and that they value these opportunities, which include high-visibility positions and significant increases in responsibility. But they’re not getting much in the way of formal development, such as training, mentoring and coaching – things they also value highly.” - Monika Hamori, Jie Cao and Burak Koyuncu, Harvard Business


Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

- Jack Welch