I treat each client as an individual and tailor my style to what is most effective for you. I don’t subscribe to a set program or single method; rather, I use a variety of techniques depending on your circumstances and learning style. Through this process we:

  • Assess where my client is today and where they truly want to be
  • Collect evidence via stakeholders, assessments and align with my client's context
  • Prepare the client to articulate their own vision for their career (and life)
  • Partner to create a development plan which is actionable and measurable
  • Coach to the plan
  • Validate progress with the stakeholders
  • Celebrate your progress and successes

Coaching sessions are conducted live and/or by video conference or phone, whichever is more convenient for you. I suggest that clients work with me on a for a minimum of three  or more months to effect lasting change. Clients who have completed at least three months of coaching are welcome to continue or schedule single sessions as needed.

Each session is different; however, my coaching engagements follow this basic structure:

Initial Interview: Initial meeting to establish where my client is currently and what they most want in their career (and ultimately their life). This is a single session last 2+ hours.

Assessments and debrief: A combination of stakeholder interviews (360 assessment if applicable), client assessments and debrief to determine the themes which become clear. The stakeholder interviews are approximately 30 minutes and it is recommended to have 5 to 7. The assessments take less than 30 minutes, however the debriefs can take up to 2 hours.

Creating the vision and purpose: The work is by assignment and the client completes at their own pace. When completed, each assignment is reviewed by me. Similar to the debrief, I will coach the client on the work they have completed.

Design your plan session: We dig deeper into the evidence we have collected to find the common themes. We discuss the values and habitual patterns you most want to work on to achieve your desired goals. The work we do during this session serves as the foundation for reaching your  1 to 3 coaching objectives. (1.5 to 2 hours). The results is a document development plan.

Coaching conversation: These sessions are the core of our work together. Driven by the actions you take between sessions, we focus on moving you forward toward meeting your goals. (30 to 40 minutes)

Celebration session: We review your progress on your goals and celebrate your successes. We determine the next steps for continuing to work together or moving forward on your own. (60 minutes)

Please contact me with any questions.

Coming soon: Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Process will be added to my tool kit. The process is developed by John Mattone. This process will further expand my ability to serve your leadership development. The Intelligent Leader coaching process focuses on you first which will translate directly into creating a better organization. The Mattone Leadership Ennegram Inventory assessment will serve as the centerpiece for developing you into a mature leader.


I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.

- Estée Lauder