How expansive is your perspective?

Recently I indulged several hours of wondering around MOMA (Museum of Modern Art in NYC). One of their early acquisitions was three panels from Monet's Water Lilies series. Claude Monet spent the last 12 years of his life painting a series based on the ponds and gardens surrounding his home. The expansiveness of this work of art is hard to wrap your mind around. I found myself sitting there wondering how he was able to capture the light and the image to create something of this scale. He did not have the technology to snap-shot the image. He had to blend his memory with what was available at the time he was painting.

At the same time I watched other visitors, attempting to capture this grand work of art on their smart phones. Trying to stitch together multiple images with the amazing phone photo technology. I assume, their only objective was to show friends this enormous work of art on a little smart phone screen. My mind immediately went to why they would not just take in the art in front of them in its full scale. It was only about capturing the image and getting on to the next room. Very few people just studied the art, to contemplate its potential to impact them in some manner.

As I sat there, attempting to experience all that was around me, I realized I don’t do this very often. I don’t stop and look at the big picture. I do not consider the vastness of what I choose to perceive. Am I trying to capture just enough to get an idea on a small screen just to move on to the next room? Am I denying myself the experience to consider what it must be like to see from a different perspective? What possibilities would be revealed to me if I just took a picture and moved on to the next thing? I did actually take the picture, seen in this blog, as an afterthought on writing about my experience.

Let’s assume I didn’t give myself some time to consider a different perspective. Would I have the thought to write about this in a blog? I doubt it. I simply would have moved off to another room. What other experiences do I just move through? Where in my life do I not pause to consider a different view point?

Now after being coached, I have more awareness to give myself the space to experience the moment. To consider my options and be at choice to stay with the thought or move on. It is amazing to me just how expansive my own life has become just simply by giving myself permission to pause. I have only begun this practice, I anticipate expanding more as my awareness grows.

Try it for yourself. Next time you find you are simply moving through an experience, pause. Allow yourself a few seconds, perhaps a few minutes, to expand your awareness. What happens?

Are you rushing through your life without considering the expansiveness of your life’s decisions? If you want to explore how you are perceiving your life, I would be honored to speak with you. Let us work together to tap into how expansive your life can be, if only you take the time. Please connect with me via my contact page or my email link.