The following is a list of resources that are merely a suggestion based on my clients feedback and my own reading. As your coach, I will not advise on the content of these books, it is purely intended to deepen your own self-exploration and learning.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The best book on character and why it matters. This book is read by the most successful people for good reason. Extremely hard to find in a used book store. If you see my copy, it is filled with stickies and well worn.


Emotional Intelligence 2.0

This offers the foundations to understanding the concepts of EQ as well as provides you with the assessment as part of the purchase price of the book. Do not buy the book used, as the code is a one-time use only.

The assessment will give you a gauge to determine where your strength are and what it means to have these strengths. It also guides you into the full spectrum of what is possible for you to develop within yourself to strengthen the spectrum of EI.

For deeper and more researched understanding, I recommend Tasha Eurich. See has great videos, books and blogs. Sign up for her newsletter.



William Bridges book is the best on the difference between change and true transition. A change in career is a true transition.

We often confuse change with transition and vice versa. Transition is a three stage process; Ending, The Neutral Zone and New Beginning. Each has it's unique characteristics and patterns.


Iyengar Yoga

For me, Iyengar is the only comprehensive yoga program that focuses on the individual. Much like coaching, the instructors meet students where they are both physically and mentally.

Find an Iyengar yoga studio near you to experience the difference the practice can make in improving your ability to get in touch with your body and breath. It can help generate a greater sense of wellbeing in all aspects of your life.

If you are local to Austin, TX, join me at Austin Yoga Institute.


The Four Agreements

While 50% of this book was challenging for me to read, I found the actual Four Agreements to be invaluable. If we remember these simple agreements, life can become much easier to navigate:

  • Use your words impeccably

  • Do not make assumptions

  • Do not take things personally

  • Always do your best, whatever your best is at that moment

Making the space to remember these four agreements has changed my perspective. It is could have the same effect on you.



This is my go-to manual for advice on professional life. Its chapters are divided into topics that are easy to navigate and I have bookmarked many sections in my copy.

To learn more about the author Patty Azzarello, visit her website. You can also sign up for her blog posts, free webinars and join the Azzarello Group to attend monthly group support sessions. I was a member of her group for several years while working in the corporate world.


A deeper dive on the three principles from Rise (see above). Patty Azzarello dives deeper into:

  • Do Better

  • Look Better

  • Connect Better



Patty Azzarello's Leadership book focuses on effective change in an organization. As in her other books, this is a practical guide. She applies the same powerful simplicity to help you as a leader impact the success of your organization.