Finding Purpose to Tap into Full Potential

Life and career evolving simultaneously

Laura is both human and organized which make a coaching process very easy to follow. I learnt a lot from my journey with Laura. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for clarity and confidence.

B. Hersen, France

Transitioning to realize potential


It was a well worth the research to hire a coach. I found that it was what I needed to hear from another professional, an intuitive confident to help me understand others with respect to who I am- the mirror I guess you could say. Of all the beatings I have had in my pursuits, my coach didn’t put me down nor criticize me, all statements or conversations were meant to help me improve and maintain strength, and to realize the fragility of change, and yet to go with the change. I respect the process of coaching and highly recommend it to any person in transition, from daily life, to daily work, to daily aspirations, it is necessary to have a guide.

Julie Farese, Austin TX (Real Estate Agent /Keller Williams NW)

Work and life is not flowing as desired

Laura asks questions that were very intuitive and gave me the time and space to reflect on them. I gained insight into how I'm naturally evolving who I want to be and that I'm open to be more flexible about the future.

Vic Beaudet

Frustrated with being STUCK in the same place

I would and have recommended Laura to many family and friends as a personal coach. She was an avid listener and able to understand exactly where I am as a person and where I desire to grow. Each session built on the last and the growth in me was nothing less than extraordinary. It is so ironic that one of the last things I said to her about how I felt is “I feel limitless! In my potential”. I said this not realizing this was her tagline.

Kathy Freeland

Overcome something that prohibits you from moving forward

People haven't asked how it went with Laura, I have been sharing with enthusiasm. Working with a coach is highly recommended and working specifically with Laura has been fantastic. She circles back to the goals, brings up agreements or commitments as needed but not in a way that is "remember what we agreed". She also pulls things out of you as you need to come to the answers on your own. There is never any of her personal thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes that come through at any point. It's all very respectful, warm, inviting, and professional, we did enjoy a little chuckle every now and then too. She has a good balance of neuroscience information as well as social studies that are sprinkled throughout that work that helped. My time with Laura was work and yet enjoyable, and I reached the intent of why I searched for a coach. 

Michelle, Frisco, TX

Clarity brings confidence

Working with Laura was a great experience, and more rewarding than I could ever have imaged. She is an excellent listener and is able to ask the right questions and re-frame statements in a way that helped me to see through the noise and confront the roadblocks I was facing directly. The confidence and clarity I gained from working with Laura has changed the way I operate in my personal and professional life, and has helped me to fully realize my potential. Laura is personable, fun to talk to, and truly cares about helping her clients succeed. I would highly recommend her.

Olivia, San Jose, CA

Increase positive action on goals

Laura is a very skilled, warm and intuitive coach. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our interaction. She is skilled at letting the conversation go where it needs to go, for the benefit of me. Her questions are very intuitive and targeted. Her pace is easy and her demeanor is calm. I'd greatly recommend her as a mature, skilled coach!


Goals for the new year

Laura’s coaching style is light-hearted and engaging. She is supportive and believes in her client. She was very helpful in sharing examples of strategies that she or others had used so I could consider new ways of doing things. She was also great about helping me remember the importance of recognizing achievements, successes and taking care of myself. I learned to trust in the "magic of pull" and "just going with the flow" without having a detailed plan. As a result of coaching with Laura, I have developed an exciting list of goals for the New Year together with initial action steps and strategies. I now embrace the importance of maintaining balance in life and allowing myself time off to recharge.

B.S., London, UK

Awareness in the moment

Laura has impressed me with what monumental insights she has helped me to realize in such a short period of time. I now recognize the issue is never the issue, but rather my perception of them in the moment. Now I see that the real progress is being aware in the moment, to make my own decisions about what holds power over me. Laura is professional yet approachable. I appreciate her candidness, as well as her challenging me to figure things out on my own. Coaching has turned out to be far more effective than I imagined.

Sage, Austin, TX

New career trajectory

Coaching with Laura was a great experience. I gained (and regained) insights into myself, focusing the directions I am going in. In my two-year quest to find a new career trajectory, this was instrumental in establishing my strengths and tolerances.

A.L., San Francisco, CA

Identifying patterns

Laura is really good at identifying patterns in my life that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. She also helps reveal my successes in life and to recognize the work I have done during our time together.

Jeff, Charleston, SC

Difficult situations handled with calm and clarity

Laura is a good listener and asks probing questions as she is present in the conversation. She is empathetic and wants to help you find your answers. She is very positive and takes coaching very seriously. I enjoyed working with her.

B.M., Old Saybrook, CT

Next step in career

Laura is relaxed with laser focus. She was always completely focused in on our conversation and never hesitated to challenge me towards new learning. I highly recommend Laura. She's highly professional (always on time and present in our conversations) and very pleasant. Her coaching skills are top notch!

Scott Darrell

Gain clarity on programs to develop

Laura helped me get clear about some programs that I had to develop while working on my master's degree. She allowed me to bounce ideas off of her and this helped me a lot to gain clarity on several projects. Laura was a delight to work with. Her direct, intuitive style allowed for several insights into my own psyche and ways of being. Her calm demeanor helped to keep me grounded and focused.

Sheila W., Dallas area TX