Coach or Consultant

I quit! Yes, in July of this year, I just quit my corporate position. For some who witnessed this first hand, it may have looked like I was pushed out. As if I was given no choice.

Choice? I had many options or choices. In fact I had believed at the time that I had considered all my options. After all I knew before the start of the year, that leaving my current position was highly likely. I did my homework.

My decision was clear, I was going to take all my years of experience and become a consultant. I would be able to help so many more companies as a consultant, than as an employee. The variety of work would keep me challenged. There was a large network of contacts I had accumulated over the years. Just a matter of creating a company, defining my niche and ensuring I had the right market fit. Hard work yes, however a viable and sensible choice. As it turns out, I wasn’t making the right choice – for me!

He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” 
― Lao Tzu


Over the course of 6 weeks I was out getting to know my local entrepreneurs. I attended meetings, presentations, networking events and I even gave a presentation. The whole time I was not only seeing signs, I was hearing people clearly challenging my choice to be a consultant. The idea of becoming a professional coach was popping up more and more. I found myself drawn to investigate further. In a matter of two weeks, everything changed for me. I decided to suspend all my beliefs and pursue training as a certified coach.

Many people do not understand the differences between a coach, mentor, trainer, or consultant. Not to mention a counselor or therapist. The fact is all have a purpose in the development of individuals and teams. In fact as I researched coaching I became confused until I found out that there is an organization that is recognized worldwide for placing standards and ethics around the practice of coaching; the International Coaching Federation. This was another sign for me. It was a defined, if not regulated, professional pursuit.

I am sure you are wondering why I choose to become a coach. Based on years of working with trainers and consultants brought in to help improve my skills or the team’s culture, I was working with, using proven tests and methodologies such as DISC, 5 Dynamics, Briggs Myers, etc. I understood that none of it stuck with me. It never changed my behaviors. I may have become more aware of my style, however I did not take lasting action to improve. Work and other priorities always kept me from changing the behaviors that did not serve me well.

I personally found working with mentors helpful. A mentor guides you, as well as provides counsel and/or training. I sought people who had the skills or achieved a state I desired. I had personal relationships as well as paid groups that gave me tools to help me work more effectively. Yet I was not accountable to take action towards my own fulfillment.

Then I compared all of these experiences to the impact of a professional coach. Because a coach works in partnership with the client, they are able to help the client find their own potential as unique, resourceful individuals. I have within me the ability to achieve my own results, as the coach has helped me to see my choices clearly. Understanding the choice and aligning the decision with my own values allows me to become the author of my own life. It was no longer a need to find the time to take action, it becomes part of who I am and what I do.

Coaching isn’t about what’s wrong with me, it is about where am I now and where do I want to be. There is nothing wrong with me!

What an amazing impact I can have on the world, one person or one team at a time, when I become a coach. Lasting change that goes beyond the in vogue methodology of the day. As a coach, I am coached. I have seen the power it has had on my life in the few short months since I have made the decision to become a coach. I am so excited for the future, beyond anything I have ever felt in my career to date. I am now the author of my own life and at choice.

If you want to awaken your dreams, I would be happy to offer a free coaching session. Please connect with me via my contact page or my email link.